We, the vestry of St. Stephen’s, believe in God and the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that, in Christ’s name and through His example, everyone has gifts to serve and lead, and we will encourage all to do so. Having been chosen to lead our church community, we will strive first to be humble servants. We will practice serving through faithfulness in worship, daily prayer for the vestry and our congregation, and good stewardship of our own time, talents and treasure. We welcome with Christian hospitality all who worship with our parish community. As a vestry we seek and serve Christ in all persons and empower all to serve. We foster fellowship among all who seek God in this place by providing opportunities for our mutual growth in faith. We will work together enthusiastically to do the business of the church. As we evaluate the ongoing and future opportunities of our church community, our actions will be truthful, respectful and transparent. We will strive not to be restrained by confusion and hurtfulness, to be generously considerate and always hospitable, and to help St. Stephen’s grow in spirit, in charity and in community. Our service and leadership is dedicated to healing the broken world in this, our corner of God’s Kingdom.
Our 2014 Vestry Members and their Commissions are:

Senior Warden Shirley Mohler
Senior Warden Joann Jones
Pastoral Care, Newcomers & Hospitality Peg Jones & Shirley Mohler
Christian Formation, Worship & Youth Gina Haynesworth & Leslie Bloomberg
Communications Joann Jones
Outreach Senior Warden
Finance & Buildings/Grounds Senior Warden
Outreach Joann Jones & Shirley Mohler