Parish Operations

Opportunities abound to get involved in every aspect of our St. Stephen’s Community; from working with your hands on out Building and Grounds Commission, to feeding the body — after Reverend Susan feeds the soul on Sunday morning, to expanding the hearts and minds of our little ones with our Children’s Ministry. There is something for everyone so contact our parish office at 256-881-7723 to get involved!

Building and Grounds: With St. Stephen’s soon to celebrate 50 years, keeping our building and grounds something we are proud to call our own takes a variety of talent and effort. In addition to performing preventative measures and repairs to our facilities, the committee also maintains the grounds. Periodically (quarterly) we get-together on Saturday mornings to focus on a specific project; at other times an individual may volunteer to help with a smaller project to work on in their own time. Of course anyone having specific talents (carpentry, plumbing, painting, etc.) is in demand, but we also welcome those who just wish to share in this on-going effort.

Outreach: Would you like to make a difference? The Outreach Committee takes on activities and programs that help to alleviate poverty, hunger, disease, and disaster relief locally and around the world. This Committee needs everyone – from those willing to fix meals for the homeless, to clearing debris after a natural disaster, to those who can assist in allocating thousands of dollars, from our generous St.Stephen’s family, to worthy causes.

Hospitality: We Episcopalians love to eat! As such, there is no better way to get to know everyone than helping serve our community. From the accomplished chef, to the part-time “foodie”, to those who just want to be “here for the party”, the Hospitality Committee can use your talents. Be it a light breakfast on Sunday between our two church services, or setting up tables for a reception, there are lots of opportunities to get involved.

Finance Committee: Known for our open hearts and welcoming spirit – it also takes money to operate St. Stephen’s. A small team ensures that the money is accounted for and dispersed in accordance with the wishes of our St. Stephen’s family. Each week a member of the Finance Committee assists with the counting of donations and, as a team, helps build a budget that the Parish adopts for the coming year. If digits and decimals don’t scare you – our team of “number crunchers” can use your talents.

Altar Guild: There can be no greater calling than preparing the Lord’s Table. Each week members of our Altar Guild ensure that all is readied before each service. Whether you are a “cradle Episcopalian” or new to the church, there is a place for you on our Altar Guild. Volunteers are assigned to a team giving you the opportunity to learn, or help teach others less experienced. Altar Guild is not a bunch of “church ladies”, as men and youth participate, as well.

Youth and Children Ministry: It is sometimes said that the best part of being a grandparent is that you can give the kids back to their parents after you are finished playing – that is sort of the way it is working with our children and youth ministries. Opening young minds to the words and ways of our Christ can be no higher and rewarding calling. No experience required, just a willingness to share some of your time, from as little as helping on occasional Sunday during Children’s Sunday School to help our growing Youth Program with a project or field trip. Promise you don’t have to take them home, even though you may want to by the time you have spent some time with our little angels.

Pastoral: We truly are a caring church and pride ourselves with helping others, sometimes that help is needed within our own parish family. That is where our Pastoral Committee steps in, from ensuring that those who are in need get a little extra prayer, to fixing a meal for new moms or someone who has recently come home from the hospital. Sometimes it is as simple as sending a card to someone, just to remind them that we care and are thinking about them. If you have a heart and care for your neighbors our Pastoral Committee can put your talents to good use.

Evangelism: We love our Christ and our Church – spreading our love is the work of everyone and is helped along with our Evangelism Committee. Don’t worry we won’t make you stand on the street and shout out your love – unless you just feel like doing so – just like the Marines we are just looking “for a few good men” (and women) who aren’t afraid to tell others about all the great things that our Savior and St. Stephen’s has to offer. Shoot, even if you are afraid, what better way to overcome your fears than giving the Evangelism Committee a chance and facing your fears head on?

Christian Development: Making yours and other’s religious experience at St. Stephen’s enlightening and enjoyable is the work of our Christian Development Committee. This can be as simple as ensuring that the regular Sunday Service creates an environment that welcomes the Holy Spirit to helping orchestrate speakers and programs that expand our knowledge and love of Christ.